hosted app DB rolled back


I have my wedding RSVP site hosted on * and today I noticed that the DB rolled back to what it was yesterday, and I lost two RSVP’s without writing them down =( Is there any way to recover them / what is the best way to not lose data on the free domain provided by

Also meteor mongo <domain> is continuously timing out.


Update: I redployed using mup to digital ocean. so far so good, but I cannot access my old app’s DB just yet. I guess it’s still down. Anything else I can do in the meantime? meteor mongo --url says Couldn't open a mongo connection


hey im building the same thing for my wedding with meteor :smile:
congrats :smiley:

edit: although I am hosting it myself, sorry don’t know what you can do about the data lost on meteor’s servers


thanks =D
congrats to you as well!

I only lost 2 entries and was able to get up on a digital ocean droplet using mup in less than 30 minutes. All is well.