Mongo Version appears to still be using MongoDB v.2.4.10, even when deploying a Meteor 1.1+ app. Are there plans to bump’s Mongo up to 2.6+ anytime soon? Asking for those of us who’ve written packages assuming Meteor 2.6+ compatibility and get questions from folks who deploy to and wonder why things break.


Bump. It’s been several months since support for Mongo 2.6+. Does anyone know if there are plans to support Mongo 2.6 on

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I’m having this issue as well. See

This is a pretty big deal for us, as we can no longer deploy our app to and use mongo 2.6 api i.e. update push each position is broken

We have created an app and installed it on and come to know that MongoDB’s old version is there. We had to adjust our code. It will be great if the Mongo DB version gets updates ASAP.

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