Meteor communicating serial port

Hi! Im building an Meteor app that will run on vending machines
The app will run on a browser in kiosk mode attached to the machine and will connect to a meteor server to get information about the products that are currently available on the machine at the moment
The browser will display the products and when the user clicks a product, the app should send a message to the serial port to activate the engines of the machine
SInce it’s not possible because browser runs in a ‘sandbox mode’ which limits the I/O of the app, Im planning on building another app (a server) that will run locally (on the same computer where the browser is running) and receive method calls from the browser. Since it’s a node server, it will have access to the serial port.
So what I must do:
My meteor client must connect to 2 different servers: the big central server and the local server which can control the serial port

machine = DDP.connect('http://localhost:4000');

    	var status = machine.status();
    	if (status.connected){'serial','1234')

And I have another meteor server running locally on port 4000
I can connect but the Method call is telling me that the Method does not exists… but it’s declared on the other app!

What is happening ?

Hi, try this
Meteor.connection = DDP.connect(‘http://localhost:4000’);