Meteor Community Packages February 2023 planning

It is time to get ready for the February’s planning meeting. As always bellow is the preliminary agenda. Feel free to comment on what should be added to the agenda.

Meeting location:

Agenda (preliminary)

  1. Go over organization issues
  2. Releases
  3. Blaze
  4. async/await migration
  5. Community website & meetups
  6. To dos for the month
  • website
  1. Open forum

Hi, I am currently working full time on making blaze async. We at our company love meteor blaze and want to leverage it.

I am happy to meet you and I am available beforehand if you want to talk.

I am currently trying a hack I thought about: using reactive vars to work with promises invalidating computation when promise resolves. I am optimistic and made some progress. With this I try backwards compatibility, so that API of Blaze doesnt become Async. I keep you informed.


@jkuester you should talk with @sebastianspiller

@sebastianspiller do you have time for a meetup regarding this topic?