Meteor Community Survey 2020 full results

First of all my apologies that it took so long. August just didn’t work out for me. Anyhow I have finally gone through the answers, cleaned things up a bit, made all the graphs and written up my thoughts:

Full results if you want to go through them:

I plan to expand on some of the comments in later articles.

A random thought: Would there be any interest in a hangout to go over the results and do a bit more of additional commenting/analysis with audience feedback?


Thank you for the hard work @storyteller !

Yes, a online meet would probably be interesting :slight_smile:


Very interesting. I’m convinced that Meteor would be a perfect tool for most of the web applications the average agency does. Probably in the mobile world, something important should be created and maintained to have a stable integration for native apps.
Another great area to spread the voice about the Meteor potential would be education: high schools for example.