Meteor Community Survey 2021 🗳

Like the last 2 years the Meteor Community Survey is back! Spread the news and get every Meteor developer to fill it out!

This year there are more questions to better see where everyone is in the world is and many question focused on usage and deployment.

As always let me know what you think and if I missed something!

Finally make sure to sign-up for Meteor Impact and make sure to submit a talk if you would like to give one or if you are using Meteor at work, you might want to consider sponsoring Impact.


Can you please allow multiple choice selection for front-end libraries?


Would you like to receive community newsletter?

It’d be best if converted to boolean type field

Also, this year the survey contains some questions about Galaxy which wasn’t the case in previous years!

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Yes, the idea is to see what people do around hosting and currently Galaxy is the center of that.

Added a line that what is to be filled should be e-mail.

Yes, the idea is to see what people do around hosting and currently Galaxy is the center of that.

I get you but it doesn’t feel as ‘community’ when Galaxy is constantly brought up and paraded around

I personally think it is a fair ask given that Galaxy is funding core Meteor developers and it is the main Meteor host.

This data might help to improve Galaxy offering relative to the alternatives, which leads to better Meteor :wink:


As @alawi said, Galaxy is very important for the community and the community is very important for Galaxy.

I only see benefits in improving both sides so I don’t understand why it would be a problem to ask questions about Galaxy.

BTW, Galaxy is the only full featured solution available to deploy Meteor apps with a single simple command and offers free deploys for the community.


It is also a good data for any competition as it ask what people are missing with Galaxy. If Galaxy can’t provide those things it opens door for competition and the data is going to be open so there everyone is going to see it.
:thinking: Now that I think about it, I should have also added questions about APMs, well that is something for next year.

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That’s a good point as well since the data is public, didn’t see it that way, thanks.

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