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I was curious to find out more about the Meteor company today. Some of the links on the official website lead to the Apollo project. Does Meteor still have a culture of its own (asking this because it is the Culture tab that sends to Apollo). The Instagram account is inactive since 2016, same the press releases. That was 1 year after this:

I am looking out for info, indeed, so to make sure that it is still safe to invest in this direction within my company.



A little (too) quiet here :slight_smile:

The twitter account still has some activities:
But I agree, it’s too quiet.


Sorry it took so long to answer. Meteor is alive and well, thanks to both MDG and the contributions of the community. MDG always has a small team (of super stars mind you). They are focusing marketing effort on Apollo … Meteor is growing on its own now :slight_smile:

Many of us are invested in it and are happy with great production apps (quick development, debugging, multi-platform deployment etc.). Search the forum if you need more info about sample apps.


Hi @ramez,

thanks for your reply. Would you please detail a bit on “Meteor is growing on its own now”. The number of unattended/pending/open GIT issues is only growing at a pretty constant pace. It feels like it is becoming a kind of DIY.

I am not new to Meteor. I am very familiar with its past as I’ve been using it for the past 3 years (exclusively) and was only curious/ interested about the future.

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Saying that issues are going unanswered is unfair.
According to GitHub, issues are being resolved at roughly the same pace as they’re added:

source: Pulse · meteor/meteor · GitHub


Thanks @coagmano. I think I said something slightly different. The general part in my statement was that the number of tickets is increasing and not that generally issues are going unanswered. However my interest is whether or not Meteor is going to support its product (MeteorJS) in 2-4 years given the fact that it seems the team is getting really slim, at least on the side of MeteorJS.

Please think of it this way: when you go in a tender and propose a product/solution based on a technology, that technology needs to be valid, to have a guaranteed life, prestige, reputation. I always thought MeteorJS has the capability to break the monopoly of big tech (e.g. Oracle, SAP) especially in times where markets are not doing so well and when entrepreneurship is on the rise and there are thousands of new businesses coming up, looking for product for their own needs. We are developers - we understand what is under the hood, but clients focus is set differently, more on the business security side. Acquiring clients or doing business on the basis of “Meteor is growing on its own now” doesn’t work. This mentality may work for Arduino fun club but when your reputation as a software provider is at stake … there is a little more needed.

When I am being asked “Who is Mongo”, well there is a lot of good things to say/write in offers about it as a company, support, geo-diversity, compliancy. When I have to document MeteorJS … don’t know what to say about the company… I truly cannot say “small team of super stars”.

I hoped I could get something more like a corporate statement attached with a little bit of assurance and ideally a company/corporate CV / presentation which, as I said at the beginning seems to be missing from the website or anywhere else.

If MeteorJS is not and will not become business grade and cannot be endorsed at that level, I would love to be told so.

I would like to comment that MeteorJS still holds its strong position on particular business scenarios. I invested a lot in MeteorJS, and I still like it.

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I love it too. Would you please care to detail on those scenarios or more on what you feel/ know about it.