Meteor Cookbook released!


My labor of love has finally been published:

Meteor Cookbook - Packt Link
Meteor Cookbook - Amazon Link

It’s hopefully got something for everyone, from simple recipes to more complex deployments and applications. Fair warning, there’s lots of references to dinosaurs in there…

I’ll check with my publisher to see if there are any discount/promotion codes I can get, and if so I’ll post them here.




Interesting that the Packt publishers decided to move ahead with that project and sidestep other efforts in the community in making cookbooks (there have been three or four efforts). It will be interesting to see how long it takes for google PageRank to rank it over the existing cookbooks.

Well done, though. Congratulations on getting that published. It’s not a bad brand to manage (but keeping it up-to-date can be tough).

Go buy his book, folks. You’ve got an endorsement from me. :wink:


Looks good!
Quick question: paperback vs. Kindle price - why are they the same? Of course, I have my theories.


I know what you mean! keeping something up to date is really difficult (about to publish the 2nd edition of my first book / tutorial) - I’ve found that having something ready to go to the printers needs to be changed the day before. The “bad” part of such rapid improvement, I guess :smile:

I am thinking the reason the kindle is the same price is because Packt gives you a DRM-free version (last I checked), and they’re encouraging people to sign up for the subscription (seems to be the business model with tech publishers).

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it. As mentioned, I’ll follow up and see if I can find a discount code. I also know they’ll be asking me soon for reviewers, so if you are up for that, stay tuned…



just bought it! great book! especially now that it’s updated.