Meteor cordova app: connect to remote mondo db


I have an existent Meteor+React application that works with remote MongoDB and this application connects to the remote database if I run it with the following sh file:

meteor run --settings config/settings.json

But if I’m trying to run a Cordova application it always connects to the local mongodb and ignores any configurations. I’m trying it this way:


meteor run ios-device --verbose --settings config/settings.json

How could I setup a mongo url for cordova app properly?

Thank you!


Did you ever get an answer?


You don’t connect to mongo from the client. You connect to the server, which acts as a middleman between client and mongo.


Yes. You are correct. Sorry I’m still learning … I was concerned because when I deployed my first Meteor App to iOS. It appeared that the app was not connected to the meteor server.

So thanks so much for replying to my request.