Meteor cordova app size [closed]

one of our apps is pretty big and i tried to find out why it is so big.

One reason i found is that js-files are not minified. They are in there with all comments. In my case thats 9MB for app.js (and its sourcemap) and another 25MB for packages (where modules.js is 18MB).

Is it possible to minifie these files before bundling?

Did you do a production build? In my case, this creates minified JS files in Cordova as well. I’m on Meteor 1.2, though.

The crosswalk package increases the size for android.

If you target modern version of Android, you don’t need crosswalk as the default webview is based on chromium now.

thx waldgeist,

you are right, it creates minified version, i obviously looked at the wrong xcode project file! :scream:

I also noticed that if you do a meteor build, it wont wipe the old project and add just files to it. So i ended up with multiple versions of the bundled javascript files

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