Meteor Cordova - collection is soo slow

Hi, i’m using meteor with cordova (android). I have only one collection with 250 elements. When i’m doing any action with collection like show all by {{#each}} or present specified item by {{#with}} my app show results soo slow. Sometimes i use selector for example. show all by Date or type field etc. Always my request is processing about 3-7 seconds. Its to long. Any suggestions. My app is on Meteor 1.2 i run app on samsung s4 (not virtual device).

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Can you show your helpers and template so we can take a look?

Also can you do a find() on your collection and then just log to console? That way you can find whether the issue is in your collection or within the rendering of the template.

This is my helpers. Rendering is very fast. Work on collections is problematic.

and another

I have also (for now, for tests) a big JSON on server side, about 2k lines. It can slow my collection reaction?

Your app is on 1.4.2.

I ran the app and it seems to work just fine. I don’t see excessive processes. Can you give a more specific scenario when it becomes slow? Like: Click here, enter this etc. Then I can take a more specific look.

With 250 records a find() should not be slow. I see you use a regex in your subscription. That might relate to it but it’s too early to say at this point.

If you touch on any position ex. nr 5 and touch circle button with number you can mark Coin as collected. When I mark about 20 coins, and then try to filter them by: collected (‘check button on top’) or by not collected (x ico) its starting to be slow. Try to filter by X, then by check and unpress marked filter by touching them. Try this few times…

Btw. It is true that i dont must deploy my database on remote server? i want to build my mobile app in local DB.