Meteor Cordova creating blob URL from native filepath



How to create a blob URL (createObjectURL from file object we get from input type file) from native absolute file path?

I am trying to load videos/images from native file system on android device with file:// but it gives error saying “Not allowed to load resources”

I have set App.accessRule(“http:/meteor.local/*”);

I tried to copy the file from filesystem to app data folder with no luck

Can someone suggest me right way to do it?

I don’t want upload the videos to server but just have to play them




I visit the link you mentioned once everyday. I tried file server with no use for me. Thanks anyway


yes. I also think it is a major flaw not being able to directly use file://


Well, the flaw is not necessarily being unable to use file:// URLs, but being unable to access the local file system. We can’t use file:// URLs for various reasons, but I’m currently rewriting the Meteor file serving and Hot Code Push plugin to use an embedded web server, and that rewrite will include a way to access local resources. Just a little more patience, this will definitely be fixed!


That will be great to have. Hoping for the fix :slight_smile:


… sounds great. Really appreciate your work :slight_smile: