Meteor Cordova iOS app splash screen hangs on hot code load

My team is having an issue with a Meteor iOS app (latest version of Meteor stable). When a new build is pushed to the server, the iOS apps hang on the Meteor splash screen. The only way to get around this is to issue a new ipa or remove and reinstall the app. Has anyone seen this or have thoughts on what might cause it?

Happy to provide more info if that helps. Thanks!

You can debug the problem by connecting to the app via Safari dev tools:

It seems that hot-push-update not works in all cases. I have same results of splash screen hang.

I have some scripts in /public folder ( for polymer ) and custom cordova plugin
So, my solution is not use of hot-load, atmosphere package solderzzc:disable-hot-code-push.

Thanks @slava !

@tdesc: We have a few cordova plugins going on and maybe we have a similar issue. Will give that a shot, but I would rather have hot code pushes :smile:

Having problems with the Splash scren on iOS since this morning…

Have you tried using mdg:reload-on-resume?

@slava, thanks for the suggestion, but as far as I can tell you can’t attach to a running cordova app on the phone. Maybe I am missing something. I see my device listed properly in the develop menu, but no running applications that I can attach to.

I never had problems with the debugger as long as the device is connected
properly in dev mode. I open debugger through Chrome’s chrome://inspect page

These are apple devices, not android :smile:

hot-push-update on iOS is not working for me too

Oh, sorry. Too many threads, I confuse them.

For iOS use Safari.

This thing with the Splash Screen is driving me crazy… I’ve just opened an issue on github

My App doesn’t work, even if I rollback the code to an older working version.

what’s the status on this? We just started having these issues for the past month.

We didn’t found out what was the problem… So we still have some random “frozen homescrens” in the iOS App.

Is this specifically related to hot code push, or is it possible this is caused by something else?

I think this has something to do with Hot Code Reload, this literally only started happening about a month ago, till then everything was working fine…no idea whats happening.

It’s hard to tell whether the problems people are experiencing (in this and similar topics) have a common cause, but I’m aware the Hot Code Push implementation could use some work. One issue is that a single update with faulty code (meaning it generates JavaScript errors) will render the app unable to update to newer versions or even fallback to the bundled code. This is something I plan on addressing as part of the Cordova improvements I’m working on. Another issue is that downloading is currently not very efficient and can be unreliable. Not sure yet whether these fixes will make it into Meteor 1.2, but if not, there should be a point release soon after.


Awesome! Do you have a timeline on when this is going to be released?

Hopefully either with Meteor 1.2 or soon (i.e. < 1 month) after.

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Any news? Having this issue again with Meteor 1.2 release.
Clear app start 100% successful, second one 99% hangs on splashscreen.
P.S. Don’t know how it could be related, adding to mobile-config.js App.setPreference(‘AutoHideSplashScreen’ ,‘true’); allow to pass behind splashscreen, but seems to still stuck

Is Reload._onMigrate still matters on Meteor 1.2 for disabling autoupdate?
Reload._onMigrate(function (retry) {
return [false];

Last log message I could see in XCode console:
METEOR CORDOVA DEBUG loading filepath: /…/Library/Developer/CoreSimulator/Devices/4015E655-1E87-4360-92C8-5C2D867120B4/data/Containers/Data/Application/2EFE3DC3-4AD6-4B0C-AC3C-13F31AB09B2D/Library/NoCloud/meteor/d455f35cfe917acdf45eb18b1fa9d38206ab62e7/ for path: %2F