Meteor Cordova - Login service configuration not yet loaded

I’ve setup OAuth login (Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter) for my Meteor - Cordova app and it runs well on the browser (both localhost and staging page).

I tried to run the app on my Android device via this command: meteor run android-device --settings settings/localhost.json. When I and clicked the OAuth login buttons, I got this error: Login service configuration not yet loaded and I failed to login. I tried using the app on my browser via localhost:3000 and it runs well.

I looked up this error on the Internet and it seems like the ServiceConfiguration data hasn’t been published to the mobile devices, hence this error. But no matter how long I “wait”, the ServiceConfiguration data never comes ! I can tell it by logging this Accounts.loginServicesConfigured() out.

I’m literally stuck so I’m really looking for your help.