Meteor Cordova, offline DB

Hi, Can anyone explain how cordova works with offline mongodb apps. It its possible to build app with local DB for example like Android Java with SQLite. I saw the solution with Ground DB, but i read that this DB package is slow with CORDOVA. Please tell me also that cordova works fast with offline DB’s. I heard that Meteor Cordova isnt good for medium/big apps. Have anyone experiance in this topic?

I’ve been there, it’s messy. You have to deal with different browsers doing different things, storage limits, the hugely patchy support for offline storage in general and the fact that no one is moving forward with this technology.

You’re better off going with React Native & Realm.

If you’re still feeling brave then Ground DB sounds nice if your needs are limited and localForage gives you more flexibility but both can cause build issues and neither seem very future proof.

I’d really give some serious thought to Realm.

GoundDB is slow regardless of Cordova vs Web as local storage is very slow. We stopped using GroundDB because of that.

If you can use a subs cache or use longer-lasting subscriptions (i.e. not this.subscribe in your templates) then you are pretty much done. The data will stay in memory until user logs out (at which point it’s their fault) or gets sync-ed next time they are online.

I am woking with ground db with 200 docs. I don’t see speed difference with mini mongo. Both takes about 5-10ms by document to hydrate my model. I did not make any benchmark but just console.time from the observer.add to the end of my hydrate function.
For me GroundDB it is a good solution for offline app with “hard” persistence.

What about react + redux local storage? Is it could be a good soluion?