Meteor + Cordova speechSynthesis help?

I am trying to use the window.speechSynthesis API within meteor.

I am trying to publish a meteor app for android (cordova) and the web, and my latest attempt to deploy has highlighted a recurring issue for me…

Which is that Hot Code Push breaks when a new cordova plugin is installed, and requires the apk to be re-deployed via play store.

I don’t have a problem with that requirement, but the fact that the Meteor cannot (at least) inform me that I need to re-deploy the .apk and maybe even highlight the potential issue, is a real shame.

I have been trying to find a good list of ‘stable’ cordova plugins to install before deploying an app to the Play Store/ app store. Documentation in this area seems inconsistent/lacking.

So… I was wondering… Is this the right plugin to use for tts ‘text to speech’ integration…

Or, does anyone have any recommendations or advice on the area of mobile/cordova plugin compatibility issues?