Meteor Cordova SQLite Integration for Offline First


I have created this simple project with SQLite Cordova Integration and Meteor. This stuff I think is currently in the works in relation with GroundDB. However, for those who want a scalable solution from within a Phone/Tablet then I think Storing Data using pure SQLite and then syncing later on when connection is active will suffice.

This project only shows the SQLite integration and does not showcase any storage/sync design methodology. You can test by compiling and running in your Android. Even with the Server turned off, use the SQL Start Button to start the database connection to local SQLite instance. Then SQL Create Table to create the table. The insert data is hard coded just to show the concept. One can then SQL Select to show contents of the table.

You can restart the phone, start sql, and the sql select. Contents should be well preserved. Once user is in an internet connected location, your Meteor App can watch for this and begin transferring values to and from DDP Collections.

Should work on android without the server running.