Meteor Cordova www directory

I’m trying to put files into my meteor cordova project in the www directory so that I can access them. I have tried dropping them a few places and cant seem to get it right. (anything in .meteor just gets deleted, and project/www doesnt seem to have any effect) At this point I manually pasted them into my xcode project as a temporary work around (should be able to do the same in eclipse).

Anyone know how/where to place static assets so they are automatically dropped into the platforms www folder?

Maybe try the public/ or private/ folder directly in the root path of you app. Haven’t tried it myself :wink:

it looks like [project root]/public will drop it in under www/application. Thanks.

edit: unfortunately the cordova plugin I’m using doesn’t let me specify where my my files are, and requires them to be in the www folder… Maybe I can add custom logic to the meteor build process?

try using: /public/www/

edit: sorry just re-read your post, sorry that won’t work by the looks of what it does.

Yea I found a solution (I dont know how I missed it actually…) I should have read the readme a little better.

Anyone else who needs a certain directory structure should create a folder called “cordova-build-override”. It will be cp -r’d to your cordova build directory. (in command line, from the root of your project cd into “.meteor/local/cordova-build” this is the directory where your cordova build will be copied into. So for my case

[Project Root]/cordova-build-override/www/[put my assets here]

Then the meteor build process dumped them right where they needed to be.

It’s on the github readme under “Advanced Build Customization”

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