Meteor crashes on windows 7 server each day, is there a log?


Hi all,

I am using windows, and I have a demo purpose only. So I just use meteor windows with --production to run it. But somehow it crashes each day. (I know in real life you have to deploy/build meteor), but this is more easy, because I just sync my source code with github desktop and my demo server is update…

But are there some logs to find out why meteor crashes?

thank you


Have you checked the standard Windows event and application logs?


Yes, I could not find it. I think it was because one of my logging collections got to big and I have auto publish on…

So how would you run meteor in production? I now I can build it into node. But then each time I make a little change on my Windows development I have to build it, and let GitHub sync the code to production…

Now I just use the Windows dev client also on prod and let GitHub desktop sync the code