Meteor create --apollo

I have submitted a PR that will introduce a basic Apollo skeleton from Meteor 1.10.3 (if accepted):

I wrote about my decisions here:

I’m looking for additional feedback and maybe I can inspire others to create additional skeletons or at least we can have a discussions about possible variations of the Apollo skeleton as I suggested in my article.


That’s fantastic. Is still maintained? I see that the repo is archived. For pure optics reasons, that’s not a great look for people diving in. I would love to know what the status of that package is.

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:thinking: That is indeed a problem. Quiet disappointed by Apollo that they have done this when it is even in their own documentation. Maybe it should be transferred to Meteor if Apollo doesn’t want to continue support it. @benjamn

I guess I will have to create the other Apollo skeletons sooner than I expected.

I’m confident the Apollo team will step up with a little nudge, they’re all ex-meteor highly component veterans. @abernix @benjamn @hwillson


I submitted a PR to the meteor/apollo fork that bumps it up to Apollo Client v3. @filipenevola mentioned that he’ll change things over to use meteor’s own fork. Once that’s done obviously we should update the links in Atmosphere and take back meteor/apollo


Count on me to give it a try, this would have been so good to have from the start of Apollo / Meteor integration :slight_smile:


This is exactly what I’m looking for!

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