Meteor create app not working, stuck on extracting

Hi all, I am trying to do a project with meteor and I like to always start off by meteor create app

I tried to do this but it is not working. It is stalling on the command

Extracting meteor-tool@1.4.3_2....

I have restarted the computer and tried it again but I have the same problem.

I tried to just run meteor on a previous meteor project and that worked fine. The create however is not working.

What should I do?

Same problem here. Windows 10 64bit.

1.4 seems to have a lot of bugs.

If I were you, down grade to 1.3. It’s very stable.

1.4 came out a few weeks ago, lots of threads here with issues. Good luck!

after 30 mins the installation is done :slight_smile:

Aha right on! Welcome to Meteor. Enjoy hell while you learn :slight_smile:

These forums have been pretty great though. But seriously. Enjoy your brainmelt, check out for my Meteor project. Been at it for a year.