Meteor create don't work


I’m new in develop apps with Meteor. I have install Meteor and try to build my first app. The build-process starts and the files are created. But “Installing npm dependencies” don’t finish.I’ve been waiting a long time but nothing happens.

What can I do? I’m using Mac OS High Sierra 10.13.4.


Are you connecting through a corporate proxy, which is blocking access to npm?

No. Local DSL at home on MacBook Pro.

What happens if you do `

meteor npm ping


Here the output:

Ping success: {}

I have try install meteor again and turn off the firewall. Nothing :frowning:

I have try to build a app with --release This work:

meteor create --release new-project
Created a new Meteor app in ‘new-project’.

To run your new app:
cd new-project
meteor npm install

If you are new to Meteor, try some of the learning resources here:

meteor create --bare to create an empty app.
meteor create --full to create a scaffolded app.

Is there a problem with the current release?