"meteor create" with Svelte/Typescript?

Hey, folks! I’m trying to create a new Meteor app using the CLI commands as documented.

Problem is, I am unable to get --typescript and --svelte to work together?

If I put the Svelte tag first, I get a regular JS project which uses Svelte as the front-end, but if I put the TypeScript tag first, I end up with a TS-powered React project.

Am I doing something wrong? Is this a bug? Would I need to create a Svelte project then add TypeScript to it after the folder is generated?

Hello there @czbaker this is a limitation of our CLI. you can do both ways. Create a Svelte app with the --svelte or a typescript with the --typescript but if you place both it will create the last one.
I would recommend putting svelte and configuring typescript later. You might want to do some special configs or just TS in the backend as I’ve seen in the wild.

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