Meteor + Creo: what if we could have a dedicated mobile dev tool for Meteor


in the past couple of months, I played a lot with Creo (by Creo is a dev environment to create native iOS and macOS (in a few days with rel 2.3) applications extremely fast (in ours or days). It’s a lot like Meteor for mobile/mac apps. Coming from Meteor my first thought was :“what if Creo could become the iOS/macOS development platform for Meteor? What if it would be fully integrated with Meteor DDP and miniMongo concept?” .Meteor could become the first end-to/end environment where build applications would be really easy. Creo doesn’t support Android for now, but it will eventually.
Making a step ahead: what if Creo could become uniquely designed for Meteor as a backend? I worked with the founder for a while and this idea blows me away every time I think about it. Meteor could become the new Filemaker for reactive applications (web, mobile and desktop).

I’d love to gather Meteor community and Tiny feedback. (you can download the community edition for free)

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it does not support android, it uses yet another programming language “gravity” (why not swift, kotlin, typescript or even dart?) and i don’t see anything related to meteor. If it only supports ios and macOS, why not use xcode directly?

Gravity is very simple and similar to swift (but javascript would probably be in the roadmap eventually). It can reduce native app development to 1/10 compared to xcode. It has the same Meteor philosophy: make developer life easier.
Did you try it?

You wouldn’t be able to share the codebase. How would you expect to integrate this into meteor?

No Creo is not open source. I’m just saying that if we could have a preferred way to create native mobile apps in hours using Meteor as a backend, that would be a significant advantage for Meteor itself. To get Creo and Meteor working well together, the only thing that is needed is a stable and up-to-date version of the Meteor client for iOS (DDP and miniMongo). Do you know if there’s any library like that developed by the community? I don’t remember Meteor internals enough, but I guess that even Meteor core packages have a modular version of DDP+MiniMongo for the client. Maybe it’s possible to wrap them out in a Swift package.

Hi, we are paying attention to Native apps built with Meteor :wink:

IMO the biggest pain for web developer to have Native apps is the setup process and also publishing and updating to stores, we will work in better guides for this and maybe something else.