Meteor cross platform


I have faced a problem:

I created app on my PC on Windows and pushed it to github. Then i tried to run it on my mac, but unfortunately it can not be run, because files in .meteor folder is configured for windows. I did not expected that meteor is not cross platform.

What can i do? My teammates work on windows. Should we have two versions of .meteor? Could somebody suggest solution?

Thank you!

Do meteor create “new project” and then just copy everything beside .meteor and install the packages you need, haven’t tried but it might work

The stuff in .meteor is generated. If I were you, what I would do is create a new project on the destination machine having the same name, add the same packages, then just copy in all of the .html, .js, and .css files. This is how I move projects between machines because, like you, I ran into problems trying to move the whole thing.

@atsman, you should be able to share projects between Windows and Mac. Are you using the most recent Windows preview? Are you committing the right things to git (respecting the .gitignore inside the .meteor directory?)

It would be awesome if you could provide a reproduction of a Meteor app that has this problem.

Hi @sashko ,

Yes i use the last version of windows preview.

You can see it here

@chos89, @RevMen,

thank you, for advice, it may work for me, but this approach so sad :frowning:
all this staff with copying and generating files…

I think that the problem is in this files - “release” and “versions”. They contains information about platform.

What you can try:

  1. delete the .meteor/local folder (this will delete your db too!)
  2. delete the .meteor/versions file
  3. try to start it with the --release flag like: meteor --release 1.3.2

Guys, thank you for response!

All works, it just download all dependencies with “winr” postfix. What does it mean? Is it normal to use it on mac?

The problem was that i in vpn, and it could not connect… :smile:

But i still want to know, what does this “winr” mean… what side effects it have?

none its just that is the win(DOWS)r(ELEASE).
Because it is a preview rls of meteor once it is final that prefix will be gone

The WINDOWS-PREVIEW@0.1.7 release should work fine on Mac. It’s just called that because it’s a version of Meteor designed to also work on Windows.

I get the same issue when I transfer my folder via dropbox to my linux OS from windows

Just to be clear, exactly what error messages did you get?