Meteor Dashboard Theme HOMER released

Hi All,

We started developing with this HOMER dashboard theme a few months ago. We really like the minimal design. We had just taken the HTML/jQuery version and converted it for us with Meteor in-house. I shared my implementation with the devs and they make it a priority to release an official Meteor version.

Thought you might want to know about it. You and check it out here:

I have no financial stake in WebAppLayers. Just wanted to share and promote their work here so as to reward them and encourage more theme builders to create Meteor specific themes.


This is really neat. I hope they make a full conversion and not just a landing page.

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I have the code. It’s quite usable. Each page is a meteor template. We ended up swapping some of the vendor JS for equivalent packages.

here’s a preview

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They also have this Inspinia Admin theme with Meteor!

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I like this new direction by theme developers. Saves a ton of time in conversion.

holy crap! 10K downloads; great!

I bought this few days back, it is too good if you start a new project, somehow my existing project css is messed and unable to integrate these styles. :disappointed_relieved:

You have to refactor your CSS to get it working in this theme or use the theme’s CSS as is.

Yeah I had to mess with CSS a bit because we use with HOMER. Nemo64 is hands-down the best way to work with bootstrap in Meteor!

Another thing we did was we had an existing project written to work with another dashboard theme (PixelAdmin). But I thought Homer would make a better user experience, so I started a new, empty project with HOMER and basically ported over my views and other code, once piece at a time. It was a lot of work, but the code is much cleaner now because the process was a great opportunity to review, refactor and remove cruft.

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Did you use this theme HOMER to build a mobile app too ?


We built one app which is responsive for desktop and mobile.

clicked Get Started for the Homer-themed app


Looks great! Any plans to bring out a React version?