Meteor dashboard?


Do we have anything like this for meteor? That’d be sweet!


There’s two sets of packages; one for development and one for production.

Meteor Toys has a free tier. Meteor Candy will be launching with v2 and will have a free tier.


And if you mean in terms of visualizing your bundle, there’s this package:


But these aren’t as cool as the electron dashboard for webpack. :wink:


Wow, I really like the way that looks:


It looks cool, but does it offer anything more than what the bundle visualizer and the logs can offer today? The bundle visualizer was extremely useful in reducing the bundle size, I was able to drop it from 4.3 MB to 1.3 MB by removing or dynamically importing what is not critical.


@msavin the Meteor Candy is really useful for me, I’ve been using to populate data and track users behaviour. Because I’m using react and didn’t want to 1MB jQuery dependency that comes with Blaze, I’m using the following command to run the dashboard:

MONGO_URL="product_mongoDB_url" meteor --settings development-settings.json --extra-packages meteor-candy

This will temporary add blaze, jQuery and meteor-candy and connect to the remote DB from localhost. Once again thanks for the great package! I’m hoping we can get more stats on the user behaviour in the future releases.


Nice - that is a really clever way to do it. You can probably expose the app over your wi-fi network so that people on the team can use it.

I am glad to hear you are finding it useful - it pumps me up for the next release. It’ll have Dynamic Import and a couple of completely new features.


Yup, we’re doing this as well :slight_smile:


It has an interactive version of the bundle-visualizer (the webpack one, which the Meteor one is based on).


Got it, but does it provide any additional insight that currently can’t be obtained by the Meteor visualizer?


It’s the sexy quality I’m after, not the simply data. :wink:


Haha yeah! I think the author was inspired by Nasa’s dashboards or something, it is really well designed.

But I think @msavin is on the right track to get something even more valuable and sexy :slight_smile: