Meteor debug not working on meteor 1.5.1

I recently upgraded my meteor installation to 1.5.1, SimpleSchema to the new simpl-schema package, and collections2. Now I need to debug a problem with my server-side code, so I did “meteor debug” – and nothing was printed about how to start the browser-based debugger.

So I access “localhost:5858” from my browser, and it just hung there.

On a hunch, I did “meteor npm list node-inspector”, and it was not installed. So I did “meteor npm install -g node-inspector” but that made no difference.

I also tried accessing “localhost:8080” and I see what could be a debugger. But it doesn’t show me any source.

There are a handful of bugs and gotchas with node inspector due to the fact that < 1.6 relies on an older version of node.

1.6 is still in beta but allows you to use Chrome DevTools to do server side debugging - for now I just change my release to METEOR@1.6-beta.10 running locally and go to chrome://inspect.

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