Meteor Debug not working - tried all options

I am trying to run my application in ‘debug’ mode but I could not.
So, here is what I did so far.

  1. npm installed ‘node-inspector’
  2. Ran the application using command ‘meteor debug’
    So according to many tutorials online, on the command line the response to the above command should show that ‘node-inspector’ is running at but unfortuantely this line does not come up in my machine. So I ran the node-inspector in another window and started meteor debug then I get an error saying that the port 8080 is in use. So I think the meteor is actually running the node-inspector.
    Now I go to the node-inspector web ui in chrome. I get the UI which as different tabs like ‘network’, ‘Sources’, ‘Profiles’, ‘Console’. But when I go to ‘Sources’ I do not see scripts loaded.
    I tried adding the command ‘NODE-OPTIONS=’–debug’ to meteor but meteor complains about it.
    So I ran out of options and thought of asking for help here.
    My metoer version is : 1.5
    Node Inspector v1.1.1

Also, when I end the meteor, I get a message on the debug tab that debugger web socket is closed