Meteor debugging with web storm broken

posted this issue on Web Storm

Anyone having issues with latest webstorm and meteor debugging?



I have the latest Webstorm version and debugging works perfect.

Webstorm can’t debug local packages. That’s a open issue


Check if you see the Jetbrains yellow debugging messange on top of your browser content window. If not check this here:

Webstorm loose the debugging port after enabling the chrome debug console. Thats a known chrome bug.

But. debugging in Webstorm a Meteor works great !

Thank you @doedel.

Server file breakpoints work for me inside a local package, just not client. But it was working on client in the past for me for whatever reason. Or I’m losing my mind. :slight_smile:

Appreciate the help

I think it would be helpful if the Meteor / Webstorm user would vote for the open
webstorm issues:

My “favourites”: