Meteor default server is not working. Please help me

I waited about 10 minutes, and still it’s not working.
The meteor address is
What’s the problem with Meteor’s default server?
I’m making a portfolio to get a job and linked the address for it…
Should I change the server such as D.O ? Will it be safer than Meteor’s default server?
or is there any other better ways ?
Please help me.

Check - right now it’s showing an issue.

Thank you for fast reply! I will check it out! :slight_smile:

We’ve deployed multiple times to the free tier ( and it has been quite unstable for us, and dropping out.

Decided to try the paid tier ( which seems to work just fine (although you’ll need external mongodb).

If you need to have it online quickly that might be the best option for you.

@mgov Thank you for your advice!
Do you mean “GALAXY DEVELOPER EDITION”(US $0.035 GB/hour, billed monthly - ?
If so, I would better try for it.

I just went to your site and it seems to load now, however in this case you might want it to be stable if it is for a portfolio.

Yea I was indeed talking about the developer edition. You can attach it to a mongolab mongob database if you don’t have a database yet (they provide 500MB free) - since galaxy doesn’t have a mongodb service.

@mgov Oh thank you for your kind! I will try for it! :slight_smile: