Meteor Deployment Feedback Requested


I’m curious as to what the consensus is about deploying Meteor Apps. I have an application nearing completion. Running it for testing (so low load) straight from the ‘meteor’ command on an Ubuntu server has been plenty snappy. I’m wondering if that remains the case as load increases, and up to what point? To be clear, I’m not talking about the ‘meteor’ command versus ‘node’ using cluster. I’m just curious how far the straight ‘meteor’ command can go (performance wise) versus a straight ‘node’ command (if the project were converted into a straight node project)? Your feedback is greatly appreciated. =)

What do you mean? …
You want to know if anyone compared development meteor build with production meteor build?
No sane man would question low performance of the first option.

What I’m curious about is how the ‘meteor’ command fares with the --production flag, versus converting the meteor app to a node.js app. I’d expect there to be a hard limit as to what it can handle. I’m just curious if anyone has tried it and found that limit. Obviously for heavy traffic, it would need to be converted to a node project.

Here’s a snippet from the official guide:

###Never use --production flag to deploy!
--production flag is purely meant to simulate production minification, but does almost nothing else. This still watches source code files, exchanges data with package server and does a lot more than just running the app, leading to unnecessary computing resource wasting and security issues. Please don’t use --production flag to deploy!

I use meteor-up for my deployments and I’m pretty happy with it :slight_smile:

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Thanks, @M4v3R

Yes, I suppose RTFM would have been prudent prior to my last post, lol.

So just in all cases convert the project to a node app ( using meteor-up or similar )? My curiosity was if there was a break-point where it made sense to convert from running the app via ‘meteor’ (clearly sans the --production flag, lol), or converting it to a node.js project.

Opposite, you don’t use meteor in production unless its pure node.
$meteor build is also is option, meteor-up and galaxy just do the same, but with style.

Good news though.
You almost finished your app without reading meteor’s documentation :smiley:


@gothicmage ROFL!

I actually did read the docs pertaining to development, but clearly not deployment, lol. I’ve actually done several meteor apps, but never been in charge of deploying them, just handing off the finished projects. Thank you for your info, and giving me a good laugh (at myself) this morning!