Meteor deployment tutorial

Hi everyone. Does anyone have a good reference or article for deploying a production meteor app on your own local server from start to finish? This includes setting up Mongo for the first time for production, getting meteor building and deployed and connecting to it?

Ideally I would build to Ubuntu and use a docker container. However, I’ve never used Docker, never set up Mongo, and don’t understand a ton of basics, such as exactly how docker containers work, whether Mongo should be in a separate container, etc. etc.

I’ve been searching for hours and its mostly a) how to deploy with [INSERT PAID PROPRIETARY SETUP HERE], or b) is incomplete or assumes I know too much, such as how to set up Mongo.

Meteor’s docs are good, but they are too high level, I don’t know where to start.

Anyone have any good suggestions? Treading water here.

I have had good success with Phusion Passenger. It has a plugin for nginx that makes it very easy. They have step by step tutorials to help you get started.

I set up a meteor project with a build script that does a meteor build, and then gzips the project into a file. I scp the file to the remote server, run a small script to unpack it and run npm install, and then reload nginx. It is all very quick and easy.

I can share the scripts with you if you like.

Hi, I’ve wrote a blog post some time ago, but it was updated: How do I host multiple Meteor apps on one DigitalOcean Droplet Basic steps using Digital Ocean and MUP. I am not sure, but maybe it could be useful somehow.

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