Meteor Deployment using capistrano


I’m a rails developer. I’m a newbie in meteor. I am trying to deploy meteor application using capistrano. The problem that I am facing is, whenever I try to start meteor server its building everything from the start like fresh repo setup and its taking literally like 30 mins for the whole process on each deployment. Can anyone suggest me how to speed the process?

Thank you in advance.


hi @rojace . I have never seen anyone in the meteor community using capistrano for deployment. The standard solutions for deployment are Meteor’s own deploy commands from CLI. And there is meteor up. There are couple of more . Here are the links :


And manual deployment over SSH like this:

Regardless, you should look into Galaxy if you want production-grade deployment


Yet another way:



I can second this.

For any “serious” application, Galaxy is best. Works fine with a free mLab server, so your total cost is ~$28 a month. Which is nothing for any serious app. And you are ready for scaling as you grow and start generating revenue.

It’s totally worth it for completely painless deployment. 1-2 commands, and give 5-10 minutes, and deployment is finished & your sites up and running. Dead easy updates.