Meteor deployment, what do I need to know?

Hi, I’m new to meteor and now ready to deploy my first app, I already have a hosting service with and is a Linux server, please i need orientation on how to approach this, i have been reading the documentation on meteor-up, but I think I’m missing a first step, please some advice is greatly appreciated.

I don’t think this service is for apps like Meteor. Looks like another hosting company.

Deploy to Galaxy (the easiest) or Azure, or even Hereoku, not this one.

I don’t see what’s wrong with 1and1? As long as you have full access to a server you can make meteor run.

Your first step should be to install mup. Then use mup init to generate a mup.js file. And configure this file to match your environment. Then use mup setup followed by mup deploy and that should be it!

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Thanks magnus999,
question do I need to install mup into the server?

Your best bet is to follow the guide at

To answer your question however, you only need to install mup on your local machine to get started. Mup then connects to your linux box to install the required software (node, meteor, mongoDB etc.)

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