Meteor Desktop 3.0

For those more vigilant around this issue, you might have already notice, but meteor-desktop is back!

Meteor Community Packages forked the old repository and after a PR by @evan-coygo we were released a new major version under new namespace.

For migration instructions check the readme.

Now, this is just the beginning and we have a long way to go to uplift this amazing package and work has already started. If you are using meteor-desktop please try this update out and if you can spare some time help us out with upgrading things further.

meteor-desktop 3.0 changelog

Fixed to work with Meteor 2.6+ Node 14+.

  • Updated shelljs to 0.8.5 .
  • Fix bundler plugin to pass non-uglified code instead of undefined to fs.writeFileSync in dev mode.
  • Updated build configs to use Meteor 2.6 when building + testing.
  • Updated chokidar dependency from 2.x to 3.x for meteor-desktop-bundler and meteor-desktop-watcher packages.

Breaking: changes to publish packages under a new name.

  • meteor-desktop npm package renamed to @meteor-community/meteor-desktop
  • omega:meteor-desktop-bundler Atmosphere package renamed to communitypackages:meteor-desktop-bundler
  • omega:meteor-desktop-watcher Atmosphere package renamed to communitypackages:meteor-desktop-watcher
  • Updated all references to these package names in the code.
  • Removed old wojtkowiak build links in README.
  • Removed Contributing and Roadmap README entries.

Thanks for stepping up and working on this! :clap: :clap:

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Yes, that’s awesome! :smiley: This is the kind of big feature which really could be a selling point for meteor if kept in working shape…

“Write your Apps for Web, Mobile (Cordova), and Desktop with Meteor” basically.

Absolutely awesome! :slight_smile:


I also join, great information :slight_smile: :clap:

Fully agree with that sentiment and if we take a look at what Ionic is doing at the same time:

  • also offering Electron, PWA, Web, mobile for IOS and Android, all either with Vue, React or Android frontend framework
  • especially them having 50 developers helping enterprises which is financing their open source effort

it might be a route that Tiny wants to consider as well.


Great work! It’s good to have back real-time desktop apps.

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@storyteller - any update when the DesktopHCP feature is going to be fixed? That would help a lot (save us from building new versions for each small package update eg).

Thanks in advance!

Maybe sponsor Jan to put some positive pressure on him? :smiley:

Tried to pay him directly to solve the problems with Meteor-Desktop but he’s too busy.

Like I tried (and I’m still trying) with other experienced developers here in this forum.

So if anyone is interested to make some money on a side job please PM me.

This is the last week where I will be busy beyond reproach. The community hangout, this Saturday is pretty much to celebrate my return to full-time Meteor. So starting next week I will be available for more of those jobs. Donations help to increase how much time I can spend on MCP in general.
Still as you can imagine I can’t be expert in all the MCP projects, so any additional help is always welcome and I’m ready to get things merged and published and help in other ways possible.


Thank you for this great work :muscle: @storyteller

Thanks for getting these changes published! (I’m @evan-coygo on GitHub)