Meteor desktop app and web app


HI, I made a desktop app using the electrify package, and it works great so far. However I would like to have the option to restrict access to the desktop app by login. The thing is that I would like the users of the desktop app to authenticate against another meteor application running on the web. This application would have the list of registered users and based on that would allow the users to use the desktop app. I’m using the accounts-password package for the whole authorization process. I connect via ddp to the web app from the desktop app but users collection running on the desktop app should be populated with the users registered on the web app. Any ideas on how to do this?


If you only need authentication, why not just expose a rest endpoint on your web application for that purpose? Really no need for DDP, reactiveness or any of the other candy.

A second option would be to integrate Oauth or similar 3rd party authentication provider and have both desktop and web use it. After all, that’s essentially what you’re doing with the first solution.


Well you have a point there, I was just interested into making this work, thanks.


I found the solution I wanted on this thread, specifically:

Just in case anyone else is interested.