Meteor Desktop App with Local Storage


Hi, looking for some advice and help.

I’m looking to build a desktop app with Electron, the app requires a connection to a remote server for some functionality, but will mainly store the majority of its data locally.

I’ve looked at the following Meteor + Electron integrations:

From what I have been able to gather from reading through their documentation, both meteor-electron and meteor-desktop are desktop clients, which connect to a remote server, but don’t save any data locally.

It appears, electrify builds your meteor server in the desktop so should save data locally. However, there is hardly any documentation and I can’t tell how or where it saves it. Plus i’m not sure if it is able to connect to a remote server.

I’d really appreciate if anyone has any experience with building a similar app, or has any suggestions on the best approach or package.



Which electron did you use at the end ? Any suggestions ?


I ended up deciding not to pursue a desktop app because of the work
involved and pushed for a down the road feature