Meteor-Desktop: timeout while building

Still trying to build my Electron app for Windows with the Meteor-Desktop package.

Meteor version: 2.5.6
NodeJS: 14.19.1

I’m now getting a timeout:

INFO  meteorApp:  building meteor app
INFO  meteorApp:  running "meteor run --verbose --mobile-server= --production -p 3080 --settings settings-electron.json"... this might take a while
INFO  meteorApp:  building in progress...
DEBUG  meteorApp:  killing pid: 9316
DEBUG  meteorApp:  killing pid: 3964
DEBUG  meteorApp:  killing pid: 8804
ERROR  meteorApp:  timeout while building, log has been written to meteor.log

When I check the meteor.log file there isn’t any error indicated in there:

Local package version is up-to-date: zodern:standard-minifier-js@4.1.1

Downloading missing local versions of package standard-minifier-css@1.7.4
: [ '' ]

Doing HTTP request:  GET

=> Started MongoDB.

Finished extracting in 46782 ms

This is from running a fresh installation of Windows 10 in MacOS Bootcamp. But the same happens when I run Windows 10 in a VM.

I have no idea why it stops there and doesn’t give any indication what causes the timeout.

Lastly, the app build fine without any problems for MacOS.

Thanks in advance for any help!