Meteor development = soooo slow when I change files

So I’ve recently been playing around with Hugo, which is a static site generator. I know that comparing Hugo and Meteor doesn’t make much sense, but one thing I’ve noticed is that when I change a file in my Hugo project, the dev site running on localhost updates with the changes in what feels like less than 1/4 of one second.

With Meteor, when I change a file, the dev site running on localhost updates eventually, but it sometimes feels like 30 seconds – so long that it is basically useless to me. This is aggravating – I want to be able to tweak some CSS or add a couple lines to a template or some JS and then instantly see the result.

Why is Meteor sooo slow in development? It’s driving me bonkers.

Will the next release fix this? If not, I think it will be faster for me to just learn Erlang.


Welcome to the club. :slight_smile:

As for a solution, take a look at @benoitt’s Webpack compiler inside Meteor thread.

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Ya I think Meteor development is going to be painfully slow until MDG migrates over to something like Webpack. Webpack plus its hot module loading is seriously the best development experience I’ve come across. Hugo is definitely fast, but it’s just a static site generator and not much more unfortunately.

Erlang isn’t going to help you with developing in JS. Using a framework like Phoenix still requires Webpack or another node based build system for dealing with static assets.

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