Meteor development time is getting slower and slower

Hi there.

I’m building a web app with meteor which is pretty neat with the real-time features and stuff.

But the app has grown quite a bit since we began developing and now everytime we make a change it takes about 10 to 15 seconds for the local server to re-render and refresh the app.

If you think of it, if this happens 150 times a day that’s about 37.5 minutes that you’re just there staring at the screen while it reloads.

Is there a way to make this process a bit faster?

Have you looked at Kadira yet? It’s great at examining over pub / sub abuse?

I think he means isobuild and hot-code-push, as in he saves a change to a file and then it takes about 10 seconds to reload

Unfortunately this is kind of a known problem, OP. Supposedly, 1.3 comes with import and export which should make the build time quicker.

You could also consider webpack, I think it tends to make things faster. @SkinnyGeek1010 I believe wrote an article on it somewhere in these forums


Also, what release are you on?

Going from 1.2.1 to 1.2.2-faster-rebuilds.0 cut down my build by around 60%.


Right now I’m at Meteor 1.2.1, would updating cause any problems? if so, how to update successfully?

@jsantana 1.2.2-faster.rebuilds.0 is 1.2.1 with a simple change in build system, so that when you rebuild, only changed parts of the application are getting rebuilt. That’s why it’s much faster. There are no updating problems except that when you start your app, you will be seeing “A new 1.2.1 release is available etc”.

This update is also built into 1.3 beta release.

To update successfully to this release, you update your global Meteor installation and then you make update inside of specific project that you did previously. So first, do meteor update --release 1.2.2-faster-rebuilds.0 outside of your project, then repeat the same inside of it.


that’s neat, I’ve updated everything now, hopefully this cuts down rebuilds. By the way, how do I keep up to date with releases of meteor, I would like to know when the community releases a new/beta version of meteor.


Hi thanks for the great tips. It really faster now. Just wondering why this won’t become default release for 1.2.1? Should I downgrade when I want to deploy my app?


If you feel such a need, you can. There will be 1.3 soon anyways, which has this feature by default.

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