Meteor DevTools 1.3: Mongo Query Builder

We’ve released a new version of Meteor DevTools for Chrome and it now includes a pretty sweet MongoDB query interface - check it out and tell us what you think


I’d love to make more use of your DevTools, and this particular tool looks incredibly useful, however there is a built in limitation to the default DDP connection. I am working on an application which has multiple DDP sources, and all our extra sources are not included in the MiniMongo Explorer, nor are the frames in the DDP Monitor.

Can you make it possible to use with secondary DDP connections?


do you have an example of an application with multiple DDP connections that i could try?

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Not publicly, sorry. It is easy enough to recreate, though. Create two meteor applications, make a publication in the second application, start them on different ports (meteor run --port 3010), and in the first application you have your client code in, have:

SecondDDP = DDP.connect('http://localhost:3010');
SecondCollection = new Mongo.Collection('secondCollection', {connection: SecondDDP});

You will get a second websocket in the network inspector, and the frames are visible in there, but there is no evidence of them in the Meteor DevTools.

thank you. gonna investigate

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Thanks! I look forward to it!

This looks awesome - we should collaborate on an article about development tools in the Meteor Guide and put this in, if you have time!

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@sashko: good idea. could also pull in a few resources mentioned here ->

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This only queries minimongo right?

If you can make the query builder query the server much like doctorpangloss:admin does this would be the ultimate tool!

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@abhiaiyer: yes, it is Minimongo only. I am not sure if querying remote MongoDB is feasible without a server side package

Ideally what you could do is hook into the users console. and have them exec a function that can be called via the server

At workpop we use this in our browser consoles in development mode

Super helpful now that querying in the console is out in 1.3!