Meteor DevTools Evolved 1.6

I would like to announce the newest version of MDE, v1.6.

I recorded a quick video about it here. This is my first video on YouTube, any feedback is welcome.


  • Now the background service worker caches DDP calls and are loaded when you open the devtool panel. It can be cleared from the panel just like before.
  • Removed CRC32 hashes as they did not have much use besides looking cool. Performance has been improved because of that.
  • Change wording in some buttons and add emojis in order to make everyone’s work a little bit happier (or not).
  • Last, but not least, add Meteor Cloud sponsored content.

Great work @leonardoventurini :clap:t2::tada:

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@leonardoventurini Excellent, please continue strong

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Thank you Leo!

We couldn’t work and be more productive in Meteor without this tool.

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