Meteor DevTools Evolved v1.5

Oh boy, this has been a long time coming.

I would like to announce that the latest version of Meteor DevTools Evolved has been released.

It includes some very important fixes and improvements.

The main ones are…

Performance Tab

This helps discover which Minimongo queries take the most aggregated time, this helps optimize the performance on the client side. The queries which take the longest in total are shown first.

Here is an extremely trivial example in order not to review anyone’s data, try it out and let me know any issues or suggestions.

Subscription Time

Now the subscription tab shows how long each one takes to subscribe.

Other changes:

  • The manifest version of the extension is now the latest (v3) and in accordance with Chrome’s new guidelines. Which means the extension will still work after the end of this year basically.
  • The main button action for the extension takes you to Meteor Cloud, go ahead click it.
  • Include Google Analytics to get basic and completely anonymous behavior information to help improve the extension (region, browser, etc).
  • Please check our full changelog.

Let me know any feedback. Thanks.


That’s awesome news! We appreciate your efforts, this plugin is very very useful!


Very very excellent.
Please continue vigorously

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Work on more performance.
The issue of performance is crucial in Meteor

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That’s completely awesome :heart_on_fire:


It’s excellent work and an important contribution to meteor. thank you


Awesome. Thank you very much.

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