Meteor DevTools Evolved v1.8

I would like to announce that Chrome and Firefox should be rolling out the latest version of Meteor DevTools Evolved today.

I fixed two issues:

  • A bug in which the extension crashes when using custom Minimongo types, specifically MongoDecimal.
  • An issue where the Lodash package would break the extension randomly on some pages; also slightly reduced the bundle size for the extension.

I also changed the navigation bar a little bit in order to include three main things:

  • A better way to contact me or partner organizations if you need help with any stage of your development lifecycle.
  • A way to sponsor my work and fund further maintenance and improvements.
  • A useful link to Monti APM’s dashboard.

Thank you to everyone who makes use of the extension. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any suggestions or have a partnership proposal.

We are at a whopping 151 stars on GitHub and about 4.4K users on the Chrome Store. That’s amazing.

We also broke the 70-user barrier on Firefox:

That’s all folks. Have great rest of the week.


Congrats and thank you! :slight_smile: