Meteor disconnected when multiple user login within 220000 records

Recently, I ran into a problem ‘meteor app always disconnected’. i have 220000 records in mongodb server like in picture.

i couldn’t find any solution for this. i have ubuntu 14.04, nginx, mongodb server install on my client computer, and also i use meteor build command for production. this is nginx error log 'upstream timed out (110: Connection timed out) while reading response header from upstream, client:, server: localhost, request: “GET / HTTP/1.1”, upstream: “”, host: " '. the problem should be mongodb server or meteor itself. please help thanks in advance!

What’s in those records? I mean - do you put them there willingly or is there some log thing going on that has run amok?

it is one of my collection(order) look like this

    "_id" : "001-000000000008",
    "orderDate" : "2015-07-31 09:54:07",
    "iceCustomerId" : "001-000181",
    "iceStaffId" : "001-0028",
    "exchange" : "5F4tpETbvBbStfGiA",
    "iceOrderDetail" : [ 
            "iceItemId" : "MXzbhsGbDyfGGj4Jd",
            "price" : 166.6699999999999875,
            "qty" : 120,
            "amount" : 20000
    "subtotal" : 20000,
    "total" : 20000,
    "totalInDollar" : 5,
    "branchId" : "001",
    "paidAmount" : 20000,
    "outstandingAmount" : 0,
    "closing" : true,
    "_customer" : {
        "name" : "សុភក្រ្ត័ស្ពានសខេង",
        "customerType" : "general"
    "_staff" : {
        "name" : "ផានី"
    "closingDate" : "2015-09-08 21:56:07",
    "_payment" : {
        "001-000000029334" : {
            "customerId" : "001-000181",
            "staff" : "001-0029",
            "date" : "2015-09-08 21:56:07",
            "dueAmount" : 20000,
            "paidAmount" : 20000,
            "outstandingAmount" : 0

order collection container 220000 records

You publish all of them?

no. tabular do this job and also i filter tabular selector for displaying only today record. so this is not a problem

What if you publish nothing from that collection? Coll.Find({_id: “bogus”})
Still crashing?
How are your indexes?

publish nothing it mean that you want me to disable tabular and try whether if it crashing or not right. because tabular do all the stuff. i dont know at all how it index but i thought tabular is smart enough for publish and subscribe

Well, you need to find out where it breaks…
Do you know what query tabular makes? With that amount of records, if your query does not hit any indexes it can be very slow.

Another way of testing is that you rename your collection and create a new, empty, one with the old name.

thanks. i will try to figured out. you maybe right. i should take a look at indexes. it might be the problem. let me check!

i found it thanks to kadira monitoring. there is one collection problem with about 440k docs(audit trail collection).