Meteor DNS address could not be found


I’ve deployed my server-only app to Meteor’s Galaxy. The app is running and all seems fine, except when I want to connect to it from my frontend app (I have two separate apps for frontend and backend) it can’t connect to it.

More precisely, this is my code in the frontend app (which worked as long as both were running locally):

var worker_host;
worker_host = '';    // ip address of job worker host
remote = DDP.connect(worker_host);

I get the following error message in the inspector:

ddp-client.js?hash=b5f1b97…:942 GET net::ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED

A ping gives the following error message:’s server DNS address could not be found

Strangely enough a dig +show works perfectly and refers to the Galaxy hosting at AWS.

Can anyone help? BTW, connecting the other way round works (from backend app to frontend app with the same code, only difference is that my domain name can be resolved).


Shouldn’t this be


OMG, I just realize it now. You’re right, completely overlooked that tiny little detail :frowning:


@robfallows do you know which port Meteor Galaxy is using? See this question of mine: What is the port number that Galaxy apps can be reached on (and other newbie questions)?

I’m getting a ERR_TIMED_OUT which seems to indicate that I’m using the wrong port (I use standard 3000 right now).


As in externally? 80/443 I would have thought. I don’t currently use Galaxy, so I’m probably not the person to ask!