Meteor docs BEFORE

I’m running Meteor and would like to review the documentation for this version.

Now that has dropped, only points to – how can I get/review the documentation for my specific version of Meteor?

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Is there something you’re looking for specifically? AFAIK the docs haven’t changed very much.

I don’t know how to revert the exact documentation, but I check the version history at when I want to see what’s changed.

Had the same question in mind when I first encountered the updated docs. I think it’s fairly common that documentation for all relevant releases is still available after an update. And in fact there are some noticable differences between release versions 1.1 and 1.2.

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That’s actually good idea to have versioned documentation. Other frameworks have that, so even if someone is running 2y old version, it’s possible to get documentation.

@sashko what do you think?

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Currently, the recommended way to view docs for an old version is to get them from git:

git clone
cd meteor
git checkout release/METEOR@
cd docs

I’m hoping to soon switch to a saner docs website that provides some of these features.