Meteor docs offline nightmare in Windows 10

Hi, I’m trying to run meteor docs offline. It does not want to play at all. I cloned the meteor docs repo, Installed hexo-cli locally. (I tried globally but did not work).

npm install hexo-cli (from inside the docs dir)

I don’t like installing anything globally with npm it wreaks havoc across various projects in my experience. I did npm install when it complained about no npm_modules and now it says it can’t find a file. Why the hell it’s looking for one in my C:\ I have no idea!!

ERROR: Unable to find the source file or directory C:\

I spent about 3 hours last night wrestling with another npm issue trying to set up a react native project. Seems very flakey at the moment!

Any ideas would be gratefully received!

Many thanks!

.sh files are shell scripts usually used by Linux. I dare say that someone included a package into your build process which gives a rat’s ass about interoperability and straightup assumes that there are only *nix-systems in the world.
Because otherwise they’d at least throw a “E_OS_NOT_SUPPORTED” error or something.

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Thanks for the reply. This is the official meteor docs offline version. I would hope for a little better. I can’t believe no one has tried tdo run this on Windows before! :slight_smile: I created a github issue so maybe someone will take a look at it.

Zeal Docs should* have offline Meteor docs

(* I use Dash docs on Mac and Zeal uses the same docs database)

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Thanks for the suggestion - that’s really useful!