Meteor docs on

Spotted Meteor docs hosted on

Would anyone prefer it over


It looks good and has the instant search functionality of docs.meteor, and offlining as a bonus. If community contributed examples are also supported, I’d be happy with it.

eastern is coming this means that i will travel alot so the offline functionality is king right now :wink:

and i know that i can clone the meteor git and run meteor in the docs folder to get the docs localy :wink: works offline too if it was opened at least once.

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oh okay
i thought it would not work :wink:

I would like to read on my phone but while it has a responsive menu it seems to have a faulty endless scroller that takes a long time to load another page. I would prefer if it just loaded the entire docs at once (it’s just a bit of text) and let me scroll at will.

But thank you very much for pointing out this alternative. It works and looks quite snazzy in dark mode on the 6+.

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